General Information

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Pet and Account Information

Conditions and Representations of Agreement:
I understand that as the new owner of the Pet, RVAH may provide the care and treatment it deems appropriate as its sole discretion. I understand that may include euthanasia as a human treatment option. If possible, RVAH will attempt to facilitate the Pet's adoption to a caring home. At RVAH's option, the Pet may be transferred to a local Humane Society or animal shelter to increase its exposure for adoption.
I hereby release RVAH from any and all claims that I have or may have related to the Pet. I understand and agree that RVAH has no obligation to provide further medical treatment to the Pet or to further inform me of the continued health, treatment or placement of the pet.
I agree to indemnify and hold harmless RVAH and its employees, agents and staff member from any and all claims of any person claiming an ownership interest in the Pet, including reimbursing RVAH for any costs or express of any kind, including attorney fees it incurs in responding to any such claims. I also acknowledge that I am still responsible for any outstanding financial obligations to RVAH. However, I am under no obligation to any future care or treatment by RVAH to the Pet. I HAVE FULLY READ THIS AGREEMENT, UNDERSTAND ITS TERMS, AND AGREE TO BOUND THEREBY.