Flea and Tick Control Roseville, CA

Here at Roseville Animal Hospital, we truly believe in the importance of flea and tick prevention for our patients.

When pets get fleas, they can be miserable. Fleas are very irritating. They cause your pets to bite, scratch, and dig at themselves. This behavior causes hair loss, raw skin, and even skin infections. However, these results do not stop pets from scratching. They are too itchy not to scratch! They just keep getting even more upset and irritated.

It can be even worse for pets that are allergic to fleabites. Even if they only have one or two fleas on them, they will be very itchy and miserable.

Fleas can also be a problem for your home. You can’t imagine how many fleas are in your home. You probably don’t want to know. They will infest your home quickly and easily. Even if you see only one or two fleas, there will be a ton of immature and adult fleas in your home. It only takes one or two fleas to overpopulate a home.

Fleas like to live in dark and warm places. They are able to hide in your carpet, in your bedding, under your furniture, and in lots of other places.

If your home is full of fleas, getting rid of them will be difficult. You should start with sprays, bombs, and other things to treat your whole house. You also need to vacuum several times to try to get rid of the fleas. You must use really hot water to wash all of your bedding and anything else that your pets lay on to help to destroy the fleas.

We also have to worry about ticks in our area. These parasites live on blood. They suck blood out of our pets, the wildlife around us, and even us. Most dogs and cats do not get sick from a tick bite unless they happen to be allergic to them. When this happens, a pet may not be able to move around much until the tick is removed.

The bad thing about ticks is their ability to spread disease. Some common diseases we see include Lyme Disease, Ehrlichia, and more. These diseases can be very harmful to your pets and your family.

We have a way to stop fleas and ticks. We offer different choices of preventatives against them. The preventatives need to be given every month and all year round to get the best results.

If you have any questions about flea and tick prevention, don’t hesitate to contact us here at (916) 954-2100.