Weight management Roseville, CA

Here at Roseville Animal Hospital, it is our goal to keep all of our patients at a healthy weight. We offer nutritional counseling to make sure all pets can live a long and healthy life. We enjoy helping overweight pets get back to a healthy weight.

Today more and more people struggle with obesity. It is also a problem for children, including the furry ones. As owners gain weight, so do their pets. We don’t always make the correct choices when it comes to our food. Many pets love to beg for food, so they also end up eating unhealthy and greasy food.

Many pets are overweight simply because they eat too much. Many people try to buy their pet’s love by feeding them table scraps and treats. They also leave food out all of the time to ensure their pets never go hungry.

Another problem is many owners are too busy to give their pet’s enough exercise. If owners could find time to walk their dogs several times a week, it would benefit both of them. It is also important for owners to find time to play with their cats so they stay at a healthy weight.

To have a happy and healthy pet, owners need to watch what their pets are eating and do their best to ensure they get plenty of exercise.

Overweight and obese pets are a big problem. Recent studies show that more than fifty percent of dogs are obese. In cats, the number is even higher. It is thought that sixty percent of cats need to lose weight. Even birds are suffering and gaining weight because owner leave food out for them all of the time.

To get their pets to lose weight, most owners try to cut back on their food. However, that alone is not always the most helpful solution because then pets might not get the nutrients they need. To help your pets lose weight, you need to watch your pet’s intake of food and make sure your pet is getting enough exercise.

Sometimes a change in diet will help. Senior diets are low in fat yet full of protein and fiber. They are made for pets as they age and slow down. There are also some diets to help your pets lose weight. These contain fewer calories but are still balanced for good nutrition.

It is also important to measure out the amount of food you feed your pets. You should feed meals instead of leaving food out all of the time. If food is left out, most pets will continue to eat no matter how full they are.

It is important to help your pet’s maintain a healthy weight to ensure they have happy and healthy lives. Studies show that overweight pets live significantly shorter lives than other pets. It can even take a few years off of your pet’s lives! Pets who are well taken care of live much longer (and better) lives!

Don’t hesitate to contact us today if you have any questions or concerns, or would like to set up an appointment to talk about your pet’s weight.