heartworm prevention Roseville, CA

Here at Roseville Animal Hospital, we truly believe in heartworm prevention. Heartworms are not something to laugh about. Heartworm is a big deal and, due to mosquitoes, is common in our area. For this reason, our whole staff wants all of our dog owners to understand this often-fatal disease and how it can easily be prevented.

Heartworms spend their entire lives in a dog’s heart, though they don’t cause any problems until they are adults. As adults, they can grow up to twelve inches long, which takes up a lot of space inside a dog’s heart. Sometimes, they migrate into the lungs too. Because of this, they cause lung disease and heart failure. When a dog is not treated, the disease is usually fatal.

The bad part about heartworm disease is that it can be quite difficult to treat. The treatment is about as bad as the disease. When the adult worms are killed, they travel through a dog’s system. This often causes more problems than the dog had to begin with. A dog going through treatment needs to be watched closely, just in case. Sometimes a dog needs to be treated more than once to get rid of all of the heartworms.

The only good thing about heartworm is that owners can easily prevent the disease. We sell tablets that need to be given every month to prevent the disease. They are chewable beef tablets, and most dogs eat them just fine.

These chewable tablets have an added benefit for your pets. They also treat for roundworms, hookworms, and other intestinal parasites. If your dog gets parasites, they can easily be passed on to you and your family. Some are really bad for humans! So it is important to prevent these diseases and is easy enough to do, especially if your dogs love the treats.

Since heartworm is easily prevented, there is no reason for you to lose your dogs to the disease. Preventing it is much simpler than treating the disease. Save yourself the heartache and get your dogs started on heartworm prevention.

We will need to perform a heartworm test before starting your pets on heartworm prevention. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions about the disease.